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11jan'17 14jan'17

Two Polish bands are playing this year at Eurosonic Noorderslag – Buslav and Trupa Trupa! The event, which takes place in Groningen, Netherlands is highly opinion-forming and the biggest European music showcase festival. The 31st edition will happen between January 11th – 14th. Read more about: Buslav and Trupa Trupa at Eurosonic 2017!

Wacław Zimpel, photo: Andrzej Sidor/FORUM

In the 1960s and 1970s, minimalism defied the order of contemporary music. Today it’s present in philharmonics and films, having moved from counterculture to high culture. In 2016, it overtook Polish records.

23dec'16 25dec'16

AMJ and her band performed at the legendary jazz club for the twentieth time in their career. From 23rd to 25th December 2016 they played five extraordinary concerts inspired by Polish Christmas tradition. Read more about: Anna Maria Jopek Returns to Blue Note Tokyo

Nextpop & 2Track Rework Contest, photo: press materials

7 artists from the Nextpop/Innersong stable are taking part in an event co organised by the labels and the portal. The competition will end with the releasing of a digital album of the winning reworkings of 10 tracks by: BOKKA, Fismoll, Kari, Oly., Baasch, Milky Wishlake & Lari Lu.

Dagadana & friends, photo: press materials

In the World Music Charts Europe, a prestigeous ranking of the 150 best albums of 2016, prepared by the members of the Worldmusic Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), DAGADANA’s album Meridian 68 was ranked 48th.

24nov'16 26nov'16

Polish bands will be one of the main attractions at two upcoming music festivals in Brazil: Antimatéria Festival in Rio de Janeiro and Música Estranha Festival in São Paulo. is a partner of both events as part of its programme to present Polish culture in Brazil in 2016. Read more about: LXMP and Mitch & Mitch in Brazil

16nov'16 18nov'16

Between 16-18 November comes the Budapest Showcase Festival. It will feature upcoming musicians from all over Eastern-Europe and showcase their music for the international and regional professional public and music fans. Polish artists Brodka, Buslav, Coals will perform and Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland is a partner of the event. Read more about: Polish Artists at the BUSH Festival

19oct'16 23oct'16

This year, the event will take place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain between October 19 - 23. Polish representatives decided to team up with contemporary music bands and designers. As a result, Poland will have its exhibition stand designed by the "Gdyby" group from Gdańsk. Read more about: Poland at Womex 2016

30sep'16 3oct'16

Eight Polish artists performed at 2016 Zandari Festa in South Korea. The festival, taking place from 30th September to 3rd October, saw more than 160 acts performing at a dozen venues to crowds of music fans, journalists and global industry professionals. Read more about: Polish Artists at Zandari Festa 2016

Дмитрий Безкоровайный. Фото: Александр Жданович

Leading promotion manager and music journalist Dmitiri Bezkorovainyi recently stated that his recent successes in promoting Belarusian artists were inspired by Don’t Panic We’re From Poland, a promotional platform for emerging Polish artists.