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  • Kari Amirian is an artist who brought the atmosphere of cool Scandinavian pop to Poland. Her melancholic and delicate songs are similar to the productions of such vocalists as Lykke Li or Stina Nordenstam. Read more about: Kari

  • Tobiasz Biliński, promotional photo

    Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who co-founded both Kyst and Coldair. Read more about: Tobiasz Biliński

  • Monika Brodka, 2012, photo: Wojciech Barczyński

    Known for her unique brand of "folk power with punk energy", she is one of the most acclaimed young Polish recording artists. Read more about: Brodka

  • Cyprian Baszyński, photo: Łukasz Kieroński

    One of the most promising young trumpet player in Poland. Cyprian Baszyński moved to Poland at the age of 8. After beginning his studies on classical trumpet, Baszynski switched to jazz after completing his first year at the Music Acadamy in Gdansk and is a current student in the Department of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow. Read more about: Cyprian Baszyński

  • Bokka, photo: Sander Baks

    The band was launched in 2013 by three anonymous musicians with the intention of emphasizing their sound and marginalizing their own identities. Read more about: Bokka

  • Buslav, photo: promotional materials

    Buslav is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he plays wind instruments (mainly tenor saxophone) and keyboards. Read more about: Buslav

  • A solo project of Tobiasz Biliński, a member of the duo Kyst. Despite being only 21 years old, the artist has under his belt two albums, and he has just begun to record songs for his third record. Read more about: Coldair

  • Daniel Drumz, photo: Dominik Tarabański

    A remix by Daniel Drumz is an honour for the original artist. Whatever he does, gains a lot of interest. Read more about: Daniel Drumz

  • Drekoty,  photo: press materials

    Drekoty delivers movement, emotion, primal screams, sparse low-key forms and great expression. Read more about: Drekoty

  • Artur Dutkiewicz – pianist, composer and arranger; a laureate of numerous pianist competitions in Poland and a finalist of the Thelonious Monk competition in Washington in 1989. Read more about: Artur Dutkiewicz

  • Eric shoves them in his pockets, photo: Sophie Thun

    Eric Shoves Them in His Pocket (known to their fans as ‘Erics’) is a Warsaw based trio consisting of Christoph Thun (drums), Szymon Najder (guitar, lead vocalist) and Hubert Woźniakowski (bass). Read more about: Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets

  • Etam Etamski, photo: thanks to the courtesy of Qulturap

    A young musician and producer specializing in electronics, who has already collaborated with important figures of the Polish alternative scene. Read more about: Etam Etamski

  • Silesian depression and melancholy described in black metal language, can be found even at Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Read more about: Furia

  • Fismoll, photo: press materials

    Arkadiusz Glensk, or Fismoll, was born in 1994. His father is a violin player, his mother is a cellist. The music Glensk records sounds so un-Polish that many journalists took one of the artist’s jokes seriously and attributed him with Icelandic birth. Read more about: Fismoll

  • Fair Weather Friends, photo: Piotr Wojtasiak

    This young band from Czeladź is only just preparing to release its debut album. Nevertheless, the group has a warmly received EP under its belt featuring their first real hit Fortune Player, and a few interesting, professional music videos. They jumped onto the electronic pop scene with energy and enthusiasm unheard of in Poland. Read more about: Fair Weather Friends

  • Fuka Lata, photo: Monika Landwójtowicz

    For a mere duo, Fuka Lata have much to be listened to. The band is formed by the vocalist and producer LeeDVD and the guitarist Mito Day. Read more about: Fuka Lata

  • Graduated from the Jazz Institute (2004) and the Classical Faculty (2005) on the Academy of Music in Katowice In 2002-2005 a member of the Aukso Chamber Orchestra conducted by Marek Moś. Co-former of the piano trio RGG very well stated in Poland and Europe. Since 2007 teacher in a Jazz Institute on the Academy of Music in Katowice. Read more about: Maciej Garbowski

  • How How, photo: Jan Pietrzak

    How How's music is ideally suited to being combined with images to illustrate a film or a theatrical play. The artists themselves say that they play electroacoustic free pop. This term, however, should be regarded as describing a list of ingredients rather than the final effect. Read more about: How How

  • Olivier Heim, photo: Zuza Golińska / press materials

    A Dutch guitarist and singer born on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., who grew up in Luxembourg and recently settled in Warsaw. Read more about: Olivier Heim (formerly Anthony Chorale)

  • Anna Maria Jopek, photo: Marcin Kydryński

    A vocalist, pianist, keyboards player, composer, author of song lyrics and producer. In 2002 she recorded CD Upojenie with the world famous American guitarist Pat Metheny. Read more about: Anna Maria Jopek

  • Jazzpospolita, photo: Maciej Głowiński

    In Jazzpospolita’s music there is a clash between rock and jazz, power and lyricism. The band's melodic, clear songs were complemented by their energy at concerts even at the start of their career. Improvisation and, with time, more and more melancholy, burst into the orderly structures of their music. Read more about: Jazzpospolita

  • Leszek Kułakowski, photo: Dariusz Kula

    Pianist, composer, and music theorist; he came up with the idea and inspired the Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition and the Komeda Jazz Festival, events first held in 1996. Read more about: Leszek Kułakowski

  • Kamp, photo: promotional materials

    Young Polish gods of electronic music are incarnated in a trio from Łódź making its way from the stages of Poland to the rest of the world. Read more about: Kamp!

  • The KDMS, photo courtesy of the artists

    UK vocalist Kathy Diamond and Polish producer Max Skiba have fused electronica, disco funk and Soul and spiked it with a hearty dose of House to create one of Europe's most invigorating neo-disco duos. Read more about: The KDMS

  • Kixnare, Videozone Festival, 2012, photo: Wojciech Nowak

    Łukasz Maszyński, better known as the producer and DJ Kixnare, was born in 1982. Originally from Częstochowa, he presently he lives in Warsaw and is involved with the label U Know Me Records. Read more about: Kixnare

  • Iza Lach, photo: courtesy of

    One day, Snoop Dogg uploaded song to the internet, and Iza Lach added her vocals to his music. The rapper from Long Beach was impressed enough with her performance to invite the girl to record an album together. Read more about: Iza Lach

  • L.Stadt, photo: Rafał Masłow

    One of the most interesting bands playing 21st century alternative rock, which they superbly merge with surf rock and psychedelia. The group was founded in 2003 in Łódź. Read more about: L.Stadt

  • Marcin Masecki, photo Jan Bebel.

    Pianist, composer and producer whose style oscillates between jazz, classical and experimental music. Read more about: Marcin Masecki

  • Mikromusic, image courtesy of Lion Stage

    The wonderful vocals of Natalia Grosiak are this band’s biggest strength Read more about: Mikromusic

  • Małe Instrumenty, photo: Łukasz Rajchert, courtesy of the artist

    Small Instruments (Małe Instrumenty) was founded in 2006 by Paweł Romańczuk. The band uses tiny professional instruments, toys and other small-sized sound sources to create magical music. Read more about: Małe Instrumenty