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  • Buslav, photo: promotional materials

    Buslav is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he plays wind instruments (mainly tenor saxophone) and keyboards. Read more about: Buslav

  • Tobiasz Biliński, promotional photo

    Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who co-founded both Kyst and Coldair. Read more about: Tobiasz Biliński

  • Monika Brodka, 2012, photo: Wojciech Barczyński

    Known for her unique brand of "folk power with punk energy", she is one of the most acclaimed young Polish recording artists. Read more about: Brodka

  • Cyprian Baszyński, photo: Łukasz Kieroński

    One of the most promising young trumpet player in Poland. Cyprian Baszyński moved to Poland at the age of 8. After beginning his studies on classical trumpet, Baszynski switched to jazz after completing his first year at the Music Acadamy in Gdansk and is a current student in the Department of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow. Read more about: Cyprian Baszyński

  • Bokka, photo: Sander Baks

    The band was launched in 2013 by three anonymous musicians with the intention of emphasizing their sound and marginalizing their own identities. Read more about: Bokka