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  • Silesian depression and melancholy described in black metal language, can be found even at Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Read more about: Furia

  • Fismoll, photo: press materials

    Arkadiusz Glensk, or Fismoll, was born in 1994. His father is a violin player, his mother is a cellist. The music Glensk records sounds so un-Polish that many journalists took one of the artist’s jokes seriously and attributed him with Icelandic birth. Read more about: Fismoll

  • Fair Weather Friends, photo: Piotr Wojtasiak

    This young band from Czeladź is only just preparing to release its debut album. Nevertheless, the group has a warmly received EP under its belt featuring their first real hit Fortune Player, and a few interesting, professional music videos. They jumped onto the electronic pop scene with energy and enthusiasm unheard of in Poland. Read more about: Fair Weather Friends

  • Fuka Lata, photo: Monika Landwójtowicz

    For a mere duo, Fuka Lata have much to be listened to. The band is formed by the vocalist and producer LeeDVD and the guitarist Mito Day. Read more about: Fuka Lata