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  • Leszek Kułakowski, photo: Dariusz Kula

    Pianist, composer, and music theorist; he came up with the idea and inspired the Krzysztof Komeda Composers Competition and the Komeda Jazz Festival, events first held in 1996. Read more about: Leszek Kułakowski

  • Kamp, photo: promotional materials

    Young Polish gods of electronic music are incarnated in a trio from Łódź making its way from the stages of Poland to the rest of the world. Read more about: Kamp!

  • The KDMS, photo courtesy of the artists

    UK vocalist Kathy Diamond and Polish producer Max Skiba have fused electronica, disco funk and Soul and spiked it with a hearty dose of House to create one of Europe's most invigorating neo-disco duos. Read more about: The KDMS

  • Kixnare, Videozone Festival, 2012, photo: Wojciech Nowak

    Łukasz Maszyński, better known as the producer and DJ Kixnare, was born in 1982. Originally from Częstochowa, he presently he lives in Warsaw and is involved with the label U Know Me Records. Read more about: Kixnare