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  • Marcin Oleś, photo: Marcin Oleś

    Marcin Oleś – double bassist, composer, author of film and theatrical music, born in 1973 in Sosnowiec. Along with his brother, Bartłomiej, he forms Oles Brothers and plays music which remains beyond any firm stylistic frames. Read more about: Marcin Oleś

  • Bartłomiej Oleś - born in 1973 in Sosnowiec – is one of the best and most active Polish jazz drummer, composer, leader and music producer. Since almost 15 years he recorded about 30 CDs which more than five were granted the status of album of the year. Read more about: Bartłomiej Oleś

  • Orkiestra Świetego Mikolaja, photo: Robert Fraczek

    Established in 1988, when folk tradition was ridiculed and interest amongst the youth was minimal, Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja (St. Nicholas Orchestra) was one of the first on the scene of Polish, Hustul and Lemko folk music. Read more about: Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja