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Jazzpospolita, photo: Maciej Głowiński

In Jazzpospolita’s music there is a clash between rock and jazz, power and lyricism. The band's melodic, clear songs were complemented by their energy at concerts even at the start of their career. Improvisation and, with time, more and more melancholy, burst into the orderly structures of their music. Read more about: Jazzpospolita

Buslav, photo: promotional materials

Buslav is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he plays wind instruments (mainly tenor saxophone) and keyboards. Read more about: Buslav

Sonar Soul, photo: promotional materials

Paulina Przybysz was only 21 when the band Sistars, which she started with her sister, Natalia, disbanded. Since then, she has been recording solo as Pinnawela, although she probably feels most comfortable working with several groups simultaneously. She is a member of Rita Pax, in a duo with Marek Pędziwiatr entitled Minimal, and she is also Sonar Soul’s vocalist. Read more about: Paulina Przybysz

Skubas, photo: Anna Tomczyńska

His debut album brought a lot of excitement to the Polish scene. For a long time there hasn’t been a vocalist in Poland that would sing so well and write such convincing lyrics. Read more about: Skubas

Napszykłat, photo: press materials of the group

They say they make electronic music, hip-hop and post dubstep. These are unnecessary and narrow pigeon holes. Read more about: Napszykłat